party ideas for kids

Best Kids’ Birthday Party Ideas

Completely Awesome Party Ideas For Kids (Or Adults)

1. Doughnuts


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Who doesn’t like doughnuts? People who hate joy (and their tastebuds). The people at Fancy That *love* doughnuts and they put together the beauteous mint and coral colored party you see above
You can learn how to make your own doughnut balloons and a doughnut piñata using their simple tutorials.

One of the best things about throwing a doughnut party is the fact that you don’t even have to make a cake! That being said, you may *want* to bake a cake: if you do, it should totally be this one shaped like a stack of giant doughnuts by Sprinkle Bakes.

When it comes to displaying the actual doughnuts, go the extra mile and build a rack! Stacking is great, but a rack will allow you to make towers of doughnuts that’ll never tip over.

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